Sugar and Skin Ageing

Why cutting out sugar helps fight the ageing process.

Ditch the processed sugars

You can dramatically reduce your sugar intake if you ditch processed foods and drinks that have added sugar. As well as the obvious sources like cakes, biscuits and fizzy drinks, think about the "hidden" sugars found in foods like breakfast cereals and even baked beans. Check the labels if you've got any doubts about whether something contains added sugar.

Read the labels

It's not just sugar that you need to look out for on food labels, as it can be called something else instead. Keep an eye out for 'fructose', 'lactose' and 'sucrose' (or pretty much anything ending in "-ose"). Be particularly wary of any sugar-derived ingredients that appear prominently in the list of ingredients as this indicates that there is a lot of it present.

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