What is Your Diet Saboteur?
Every diet (from Atkins to Zone) has its fans who swear by it and critics who swear they don't work. Ever wondered why? Maybe it's not the diet per se, but the way we approach our love-hate relationship with food. If you have tried all kinds of diets under the sun, and still can't shed the extra weight, this quiz can help you identify your diet downfall.

1)   Even the best of us fall off the diet once in a while. You tend to binge:

Despite trying to ban all kinds of 'junk' food in your diet

During festive seasons -- think all those year-end parties and gatherings

When you're stressed or upset

2)   Your boss is breathing down your neck about meeting the project deadline. You:

Go and buy a huge stash of snacks in preparation for O.T.

Gripe about it to your friends after work over some alcohol

Treat it as an excuse to skip lunch

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